Meet the Team

Jon Crossley


Profession:Director / Accountant

Location: Keighley

Favourite Drink: Landlord

Hobbies: Table Tennis, Caravanning & Walking

Home Town: Keighley

Other Interests: Rugby Union & Cricket

David Pollitt


Profession: Director / Advisory Team

Previous Job Types: Junior & Audit Manager

Home Town: Salford

Hobbies: Spending Time with my children & Walking

Burning Desire: to travel the world

Key to Success: My family and hard work

Heather Naylor


Profession: Manager

Hobbies: Running, going to the gym and reading

Other Interests: Seeing friends and eating out

Home Town: Guiseley

Key to Success: Keep going, perseverance is the key

Jo McGuinness


Profession: Bookkeeping Team

Previous Job Types: Quality Assurance & Bookkeeping

Hobbies: Eating out & Walking

Hometown: Crosshills

My key to Success:Aim High

Trudi Morton


Profession: Accounts Team

Hobbies: Tennis, Dancing & Swimming

Other Interests: Reading & Crosswords

Favourite Drink: Cider

Home Town: Yeadon

My Key to Success: Hope!

Laura Mawson


Profession: Trainee Accountant

location: Keighley

Years in this business: 8 Months

Previous Job Types: Accounts Clerk & Waitress

Hobbies: Gym

Other Interests: Shopping & Eating

Kath Rytlewski


Profession: Bookkeeping Team

Hobbies: Ball room dancing & Tai Chi

Other interests: Eating out, looking after grand children

Home town: Keighley

Key to success: Aim high

Karen Cairns

Karen Cairns

Profession: Payroll Supervisor

Previous Job Types: Senior Payroll Clerk & Administrative Assistant

Hobbies: Spending time with family & friends

Home town: Hellifield

Key to success: To always give 110%

Russell Dyson

Russell Dyson

Profession: Accountant

Hobbies: Cycling & Reading

Other Interests Politics & Literature

Home town: Wakefield

Key to success: Believe in yourself.