Selling Up/Passing it on

exit strategy

You may decide to sell the business as a going concern. This might take the form of a management buy-out or management buy-in. Or perhaps an external finance house may be involved.

Or you may feel you’d like to “keep it in the family” and pass on your business to a family member or other beneficiary.

How we can help

We’ll help you to identify the suitable organisation or person to sell or hand over your business to and we’ll guide you through the process.

The structure of your exit plan will affect the amount of tax relief on any shares or pension.

When passing on the business we will work out whether you would benefit from paying your own tax bill at the final point of exit or on a phased basis over a number of tax years.

We’ll help you to protect your estate and ensure you still qualify for Business Property Relief once you’ve relinquished control of the business.