Start-up support


Getting you started

Our small business support programme SureStart is the best way to get you on your journey.

Businesses that plan and seek professional advice from the outset have a much greater chance of success.

A survey by insurers RSA found that as few as 50% of start-ups survive beyond the first five years.

A SureStart package will help you to overcome the hurdles that trip up new enterprises in the early stages.

Our packages:

If you accessed all the services separately, the cost would come to as much as £2,700 plus VAT. But by selecting a package that is right for your business, you can get the appropriate services at a cost-effective rate.

We appreciate that cashflow is key in the early years, so our clients are able to make a small payment up-front with the balance spread over the year. You can choose to make 10 monthly standing order payments at no extra charge.

SureStart customers are entitled to discounts on some of our services such as:

  • A 20% discount for the first twelve months on our payroll and bookkeeping services:
  • Unlimited free ad-hoc advice from our team – so you will never get an unexpected bill.