How We Work

Our pledge is that we will always maintain an open, transparent relationship with all our clients.

We offer Fixed Fee packages because we know that everyone hates surprise bills.

This means you can spread your accounting costs over a year, enabling you to budget and to pay for our services in bite-sized chunks. We’ll try and ensure your bill doesn’t land on the doorstep at the same time as your tax bill or other major expenses.

Fixed Fee Agreements

We’ll quote for the work you want us to do over the coming year, then split the fee into monthly payments and set up a direct debit.

Under the Fixed Fee Agreement, you can contact our team at any time with queries, without fear of incurring extra cost. Should your queries result in additional work which is outside the agreement scope, we’ll provide a quote for this on an Extra Work Order, agreeing the timetable, price and payment terms before starting the work.

For Start-ups who have joined us on the SureStart package, you can then progress to a Fixed Fee Agreement when your initial six-month period is up.

Of course you can also opt to pay for services on an ad-hoc basis, if that suits your needs, but most people seem to prefer the Fixed Fee package.